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I am Bike Boy

The Worlds only Juggling Trick Cyclist Comedian.

Extreme entertainment, extreme fun! World-renowned street entertainer and astounding performer Sean Bridges mixes amazing bicycle stunts, incredible juggling tricks and his spontaneous, zany humour to put on a thrilling, fearless funny show.

Trained in Europe's biggest circus and largest theme park, and performing at the extreme games. Sean has awed audiences around the world. With experience on a variety of stages, Sean finds street performing his most exciting challenge yet. And it is this excitement, energy and thrill that always leaves his audiences laughing for more.



Circus Bikepole

A spinning silver bike: 14 feet in the air!

Juggling tricks

Juggling tricks with knief and fire etc.

The somersaulting Bicycle

A Bikeboy original design

Chainsaw Handlebar Balance

Standing on the handlebars juggling a running chainsaw

Double Trouble

Riding on the seat & handlebars in circles while juggling knives

Tailwhip Bunnyhop

Seeing is Believing!

Comedy and Improvised humour

Including the hilarious "Toilet Paper"

Bikeboy can perform these and many more bike stunts at ANY venue!


Juggling Knief
Juggling Fire
Bike Balance
Bike Stunts
Circus Bikepole

Live Performance


Bike Boy


From 1990 as a circus & performance artist, BikeBoy has performed in over 18 countries and 67 cities throughout the world. Here are some of the highlights...

Cherry Blossom Festival, Tokyo Edinburgh International Fringe Festival Singapore River Festival Stockholm Water Festival Adelaide Fringe Festival Melbourne International Comedy Festival Just For Laughs, Montreal Vancouver Comedy Festival Copenhagen Jazz Festival World Ducati Misano Adriatico, Italy Halifax International Street Performers Festival Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Canadian Morning Television, Edmonton, 2001 CNN Canada, Morning Television Show, 2000 Coffs Harbour Busking Festival, 2000 Coca Cola Australia Surf Classic, 1999 Extreme Games Planet X Television adverts 1999 (Channel 10) Granada television Documentry on Circus Archaos, 1992 Hey Hey Its Cinderella Pantomime 1997 NBC-Today Show 2000 OPSM deviation posters & t-shirts 2000 Red Faces-Gonged but Not Forgotten Television Adverts 1998 Rush TV Christmas and New Years Episode 2000 Saturday Morning TV, television show in Dublin 1993 Singapore Evening Entertainment Program 2001 Sprite Obey your thirst Television Campaign, 1998 Sqwak TV, Australian Childrens Television Program (Paid TV) 1999 St Kilda Festival Television Advert 1999-2001 The Colesseum, Swedish & Norwegian Talent Show 1st Place 1996 Hey Hey Its Saturday Winner Red Faces winner (2nd Place) Hey Hey Its Saturday - the best of 25 years "Australian Street Performing Championship" Mortlake Victoria Overall winner 2001 "Busker of the Year" Category Winner "Street Theatre circus artist" Alton Towers Theme Park, England March-November 1994 Exclusive Alton Towers Juggling Trick Cyclist Comedian Circus Archaos November 1990-May 1992 Toured with famous French Circus Troupe (largest Circus in Europe) England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland...

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Sean Bridges
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